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Fayetteville Arkansas Fire Department 5 story 6 level live fire training Tower, with the largest square foot burn at over 1100 square foot , over a thousand square foot of confined space training , forced entry, vent props, breach walls, breach windows 40 foot open shaft rappel, burn rooms on 1st 2nd 3rd floors, burn kitchen, burn bedrooms, burn living room, 1500 square foot of configurable panel maze, five-story standpipe, five-story standpipe system, drywall poke out system, pitched roof vent prop, temperature monitoring system, sprinkler system, overhead cut door prop system, flashover prop system at low temperatures under 700 degrees, 3 high angle anchor points for rappelling, bail out windows, basement bailout scenario, revolving door, bay windows, bathroom living room dining room, rooftop canopies, vertical horizontal hatches, lesson plan table and benches, electrical inside and out, 40000 CFM smoke generator, in 7600 square foot 

About Us

American Fire Training Systems has designed and constructed fire training towers for fire departments and military installations around the world. Whether your goals are full burn, non-burn, technical rescue or tactical deployment training - or a combination of both - American Fire Training Systems can meet your needs in an economic and timely manner. Our design professionals are ready to assist you in designing the most innovative training facility available anywhere. Class A and Class B burn facilities, confined space units, structural floor collapse props, mobile units (AFG compliant), forcible entry, and technical rescue designs are our specialty. Our training towers and mobile units are used by some of the most well-known fire departments in the country and military installations around the world. References proudly available.

AFTS utilizes the latest in 3D visualization for the development of Fire Training Facilities. This ensures that design content and facility placement are to your specifications before construction and installation of your turn-key training facility.